COVID Relief Fund 

There are many charities in Etobicoke and/or helping Etobicoke residents that are in urgent need for funding.  They struggle to deliver programs and services at this difficult time.  Our COVID Relief Fund is set up to help those organizations.
We have a broad knowledge of the community’s vulnerable populations and those charities who are serving our communities greatest needs.  Help us help them.



Local charitable organizations can APPLY FOR FUNDING.

Together – we can make a big difference!

donation of van to St James Foodbank
Photo of past Presidents Bo and Barnaby with the new St James Food Basket van.

The Kingsway Humber Club is LOOKING FOR NEW MEMBERS who are passionate about their community!  Our club gets great things done and we invite you to join us.  Typically we meet the FIRST Monday of the month for lunch at the Old Mill in Etobicoke.

Kiwanis has been “serving the children of the world” for over 100 years, and has been active with a club in Etobicoke almost since the end of the second world war (1947).  The Kingsway Humber Club is the only club in Etobicoke, and was formed in 2004 through the amalgamation of two other Etobicoke Clubs.

With our emphasis on kids and youth, we work with other local charities and service organizations as well as schools and youth groups and sports teams to help them make Etobicoke a great place to grow up in and live.

Michael Power Drum Line - Kiwanis Banner

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