Remembrance Day 2012

On Friday, November 9, 2012 members of The Kiwanis Club of Kingsway Humber attended a Remembrance Day Ceremony at Highfield School.    Symbols of peace and words of peace recognized around the world were displayed in a moving presentation by one class.     Three classes sung songs that carried an international message of peace to everyone.    Poems commemorating all veterans were read to the assembly.    A very stirring video “A Pittance of Time” was shown after the wreath laying.    All of the students wore poppies and the assembly hall was decorated with paintings of poppies and words of thanks.

Thanks to the Principal, Vice Principals, and teachers of Highfield School for their inspiring, meaningful program honouring all Canadian Veterans.

Two paintings by very accomplished student artists were presented to Brian Keough and Bruce Burns on behalf of the members of The Kiwanis Club of Kingsway Humber.