Kingsway Humber Club hosts Divisions 8,9, and 10 lunch at The Old Mill

On December 7th 2012 in the Guildhall room, Governor Peter Tudisco headed the luncheon Co-chaired by Div. 9 Lt. Governor George Rowell and Regional Trustee Barnaby Ross.

Div. 8 Lt. Governor Gail Norris and Div. 10 Lt. Governor Lenora Blackmore introduced their clubs.

Lt. Governor George Rowell recognized Past gov. Bill Stuart, Music festival President Ruth Ostrower and  the Music Festival Board.

Alberta Craft said Grace.

Rob Hunter and the Etobicoke concert band played Christmas carols

David Morley featured guest – President of UNICEF Canada

After lunch awards were presented, including our Past President Frank Sgarlata presented with the Walter Zeller award, and Brian Keogh for his work in the community, particularly Highfield school. 

Head table : George Rowell, David Morley, Peter Tudisco, Joanne Tudisco, Laura Sommerville, Bo Fleischman, Gail Norris, Leonora Blackmore

House committee : Bob Craft, Clark Mills, Andre Dugas